Darren Fletcher to be Considered for Scotland Captaincy

It has been rumoured heavily that Scotland manager Gordon Strachan will request midfielder Darren Fletcher to take the captaincy going forward.

Scotland are still dependent on the former Manchester United midfielder, who took an extended break from the game in order to recover from personal health issues. Fletcher has the experience of captaining Scotland after being handed the armband when Barry Ferguson was suspended in 2009. However, since he had to undergo a break from the game, Scotland reverted that decision once he was unavailable for an extended period of time.

Now that he has started playing regularly, Strachan is contemplating the idea of requesting Fletcher to wear the armband once again. This move is expected to help the team do well in the upcoming World Cup 2018 qualification campaign. Even though there are concerns about his age, Strachan seems confident that the midfielder can carry on playing at least until the World Cup. Fletcher will be 34 by the time the World Cup kicks off in Russia. The World Cup qualification for Scotland begins on September 4 with a game against Malta. Fletcher has been playing regularly in the last couple of years and his playing time has only increased after the move to West Brom.

Darren Fletcher In Better Form This Year

If you look back at the month of March you will find news about Darren Fletcher.

At that time West Brom was welcoming Manchester United and Darren Fletcher had stated that he had no qualms about having left the club. He is the skipper of West Brom; many people were wondering what kind of reaction the skipper would have about his present club welcoming the skipper’s previous club. The Scot had left Manchester United in 2015 in the month of February. He had joined West Brom since then.

Darren Fletcher had got back to form this year. By March he was about to make his 35th appearance in the current season. That was much more than the number of matches he had played when he had been with Manchester United. The last two years he had been with Manchester United saw him battling a bowel disease that left him out of many matches. Indeed, many had wondered whether Darren would get back to form again.

Darren Fletcher Is An Inspiration For Gilks

Darren Fletcher is being talked about highly by his contemporaries.

The latest to sing his praises has been Matt Gilks, the Rangers goalkeeper. Matt Gilks is the goalkeeper of Glasgow Rangers who has played with Darren Fletcher as a midfielder when they played for Scotland. He has revealed that the way Darren and others like a Kenny Miller train on the field has definitely been an inspiration for him. Matt Gilks is 34 years of age who have joined the Rangers recently in a free transfer mode. He was part of a Burnley team that is on the way of joining the Premier League clubs.

For Gilks it has been inspiring watching Darren and others train when they played for Scotland. Darren is known for the midfield position he has played for Manchester United. He has also played for the national team. For Gilks it was a way of changing his outlook towards his game when he watched Darren and others train on the field.

Fletcher voices his thoughts concerning Tottenham and their season

Darren Fletcher is a consistent starter for West Bromwich Albion and the veteran midfielder has helped his club in avoiding the bottom relegation zone.

The Scottish player took some time to talk about Tottenham Hotspur, one of the few clubs that managed to stay up to par with Leicester City for the majority of the season.

For the past few years, Tottenham Hotspur has consistently managed to secure a spot in the top 6 positions of the Premier League, however in the latest season they managed to hold their ground and make a genuine charge for the title.

The 2015-16 season of the Premier League is hand down the best one that Tottenham Hotspur has went through but it still wasn’t enough for them to clinch the Premier League title as it has already been claimed by Leicester City and according to Darren Fletcher, one of the things that has been stopping Tottenham from winning the English league is due to their lack of experience and killer instinct.

“You’ve got to rise to the pressure and thrive under it. You’ve got to see it as a challenge and win games ugly. You’ve got to throw people in the box and see games out when you’re winning 1-0.Passing the ball out from the back is nice and it’s pretty on the eye but when you’re winning 1-0 against West Brom, you shut up shop, see the game out and hit on the counter-attack.Who knows? It’s not for me to say because Tottenham have had a fantastic season. They’ve been a credit to the league and playing against them is really difficult.” Darren Fletcher of West Bromwich Albion said.

Darren Fletcher issues warnings to Manchester United youngsters

Darren Fletcher, who currently plays for West Brom, is one of the former graduates of the Manchester United academy and knows it all about making it to the senior side.

With Louis van Gaal promoting several of the younger players to the senior side because of multiple injured players, Fletcher was keen to remind the youngsters that the path to the elite level of football is not easy.

He told the youngsters that they should not believe that they have already made it to the top level. There are still a lot to do before they are considered to be similar to players such as David Beckham and Paul Scholes. He encouraged them to keep working hard, to keep improving and to stay humble.

He believes that after you have won two or three Premier League titles that you can consider yourself as a great player. Fletcher has also revealed that there is more pressure in the bottom half of the table with teams fighting against relegation than with teams such as Manchester United fighting for the title.

Manchester United has a long history of promoting academy players to their first team, and this policy seems to continue whoever is the manager. Ryan Giggs was first to remind that to the new manager that might be coming in the future to replace Louis van Gaal.

Darren Fletcher wants to see SaidoBerahino back in shape

The 31 year old Scottish captain of West Bromwich Albion wants to his teammate SaidoBerahino get back in the main team of the Premier League and not give up his career in the English club which has seen the younger player struggle as he has had to spend the majority of the season in the sidelines but Fletcher believes that Berahino has what it takes to get in the first team of Tony Pullis.

Fletcher has urged Berahino to follow the footsteps of StephaneSessegnon. Sessegnon is a 31 year old forward who was on the verge of leaving West Bromwich Albion after having some problems with the head manager Tony Pullis and he Sessegnon was dropped to the sidelines of the team for a significantly long period of time but the Beninese has managed to work his way up and has now become a regular starter for the Premier League club which is a huge change for a player who was on the brink of leaving and not getting any playing time.

“The manager has proved that if you’re not featuring but you do get a chance and play well, you will stay in the team. That is evident with Sess. Players who are not in the team should look to that and realize if you perform when you’re given your chance the manager will stick with you. Sess is an example to everyone. Saido is a great kid who is not in the team right now but he’s got to keep his head down because he’s a great talent and he’s got a number of years to play.” West Bromwich Albion’s Darren Fletcher said as he told SaidoBerahino to use StephaneSessegnon as an example.