8 thoughts on “David Moyes Goes To Carrington Manchester United’s Training Ground 20/5/13

  1. Budget has nothing to do with it. I am not stating that he should win the EPL or Champions league.

    It is a matter of his football philosophy. His team at Everton did not play passing football and that has nothing to do with budget.

    In about 6 years time when utd have completely forgotten how to play football it will be too late we will be like Liverpool then.

    A coach has a philosophy about how the game should be played such as the way Michael Laudrup team plays.

    Jurgen Klopp was the man.

  2. He didn’t have budget big enough at Everton but still he manged to keep Everton in top team of Premier league.

  3. Yeah because he is going to need it.

    The way he played football at Everton is not going to work at Old Trafford. 

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