25 thoughts on “Wales vs Scotland 14-11-2009 (Ramsey Goal)

  1. @therefereesawanker I know that they hate him as a player.And all the other Man United players.There one of the most hated teams in the land.Cos there winners and there is nothing that the English hate more,and that is a winner.Look how you treated Mourinio.He was pillered cos he was a winner.See Boras the new Chelsea manger,is another one of the Largs mafia?There is a good story about it,in the Daily Record.I thought that I would tell you.Give you a reason to hate him as well,he picked SCOTLAND

  2. @legandrydirk no, you got that completely wrong as well. speaking for most england fans, we couldn’t give 2 shits about scotland’s players, we do not envy you whatsoever.

    and you did imply we all hated fletcher, your original comment was that all english fans hate him. yet more example of your delusion

  3. @therefereesawanker All that I said is you hate the fact that Scotland is still producing quality players.I never said that you hate Fletcher as a person.Big difference in there,to what your trying to make out.

  4. @legandrydirk ive been here for 2 hours, i’m not the one who’s clocked up about 500 comments on that england vs usa video. lol trying to call me obsessed, yeah right, you reply to me i reply back. if you want me to stop then ok. just trying to talk some sense into you that’s all and i get a laugh at your ridiculous logic. get over the fact we don’t give a shit about fletcher regardless of how good you rate him. it’s like you want us to hate him, lol funny.

  5. @therefereesawanker Who is talking about you lot?Do you think its just English people I speak to from around the world in here.Of coarse you dont talk about him.Even though you have been in here for two hours.And you have the check to say that its me who is obsessed.

  6. @legandrydirk lol, no it’s completely unrealistic logic actually. since i’m english i know more about what our fans think and trust me, we don’t talk about fletcher or hate him. but that’s delusion for you, we don’t give a shit about you or your players

  7. @therefereesawanker A realistic one I take it you mean.Yes I am Scottish and proud of the impact my country men have had on the game.From setting up your league,to writing the rules long before Cambridge.To taking over the EPL clubs like the mafia.To producing some of the best managers in the world at Largs,including Mourinio.Its pretty amazing to be Scottish.And to live in this time.When we are taking back what we own.You speak 2 me,as if U expect my support for your team.I do not want yours 2

  8. @legandrydirk did i ever say he wouldn’t be capped for england?

    as ive said i was merely commenting on your ridiculous logic that all english fans feel threatened by fletcher for being better than any english player. you need to take a reality check if you believe we care that much about 1 good scottish player.

    say what you like about the english national side, a scot like you would never have anything positive to say

  9. @therefereesawanker I speak to people all over the world.And they usually all say he would be capped for England,if he was English.Have I said he is the best in the world?What is your problem?Your the deluded one to think that you have a good team.The next half decent team you meet at the finals will kill you.If you make it,,and Montenegro does not do better than getting a draw the next time you play them.A nation of 447 000.About the population of a small city.And U wonder Y I do not fear yez?

  10. @therefereesawanker They said the same when we beat you in the last 90 mins we played.The same people said that we had no chance against France.And we beat them back to back.Only a mug would write of Scotland.I know what my team can do.I watched how we grew in that second half against Spain.We are a young inexperienced team in terms of caps.Just wait to see what they can do.Once they all have at least 20 caps a piece.Then its time 2 judge there progress at international level.Craig has em playin

  11. @legandrydirk finally, get it in your head we do not care about you like you think we do.

    i’ve never met anyone english who hates fletcher because they somehow feel threatned he is better than english midfielders?? that is just 1 example of your delusion. this just reeks of an inferiority complex

  12. @legandrydirk and your point about fletcher’s volley is………. yes he might have scored a great goal but what’s the significance of that? he doesn’t have a goal scoring record, he’s not that type of player.

  13. @legandrydirk lol don’t make me laugh, you’re a bitter scot who always compares england to scotland. i’m never going to convince you because you’re stubborn, but i dont really care, there’s a reason why wenger trusts him to start.

    scotland have some great prospects but it’s too early to say what you’re saying right now. even how crap england have been, we still have good prospects coming through. not many people except you would agree your team has more quality than england atm

  14. @therefereesawanker I love English players and people.Its just that I was spoiled as a Rangers fan having the best for years.And now we get shite like Beattie.And your never going to convince me that Wiltshire is a player.There usually is a Scot that is better though.And that is what gets up your nose.The fact that we are starting 2 find players again.England gets all the money spent on sport down there.350 MILLION POUND TRAING CENTER,OURS IS 35 MILLION.Yet you still fail at the world cup,in cry

  15. @legandrydirk it’s not a silly statement it’s the truth. you dislike all english players and downgrade their ability and there’s always a scottish player apparently twice as good as the next english one. so i think that concludes whatever you say is pretty much shite.

  16. @therefereesawanker I saw him score a volly high into the top corner,in a box to box run after setting up the move in the champions league recently.Belter of a goal it was.Must have been season before last.

  17. @therefereesawanker He is not Scottish though.What a silly statement to make.I honestly think we have a better player than him in Jamie Ness.And one day he will prove it.Arsenal are all watching him.Rangers will not keep him for long.Wilson got a move to Liverpool.Ness can do the same.He would have got more games,if he never got injured in his first season.But when a man like Walter Smith says,that he is the best young talent he has ever worked with.Then that is a compliment,from a guy like him.

  18. @legandrydirk don’t think so. fletcher isn’t the most creative of player, he’d always play the ball to the other midfielder when playing for united. you said you see him scoring goals yet he’s only scored 16 league goals in all his nearly 200 apperances. but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, he’s one of the best centre midfielders in the premier league

    if that’s not explaining then i don’t know what is. your points are mostly all delusional and biased

  19. @legandrydirk gerrard is nearly finished yet england have players to replace him. you can call wilshere overrated all you want but if he was scottish you’d love him.

  20. @therefereesawanker Not being biased just explaining to you how things are,which is more than what you are doing in return.

  21. @legandrydirk at least i’m not being bias about everything. “I see Fletcher set goals up all the time down there” take off your scot glasses for 1 second, he does not do this consistently, he’s a key player for united but has never been an attacking force.

  22. @thetoon99 If they pay 10 million for him.I am sure they will find a way to get him in the team.He is a dream to play with,if your a nippy striker like wee Saurez

  23. @legandrydirk hes a good player but he stood out in a poor team when he goes to liverpool he won’t stand out infact he will be on the bench.

  24. @thetoon99 He has been this year.Adam captained them to beating Liverpool.And Gerrard never got near him.Adam got his player of the year nomination on merit.And should be a ten plate,to every young Scottish footballer out there.Cos he was loaned out to teams like St Mirren and Ross County in the first division not so long ago.And now he is a stand out in EPL.There should be no fear,for any of our players any more about that league.If there work ethic and ability is as good as his is.

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