25 thoughts on “~ ★ Darren Fletcher – This is my dream ★ ~ HD

  1. a great video for a great Manchester united player. I love the sound, bring me to those moments. two thumbs up d(^_^)b

  2. I’d say Fletcher is the most energetic and the best heading central midfielder atm.

  3. The greatest midfielder, legendary Scholes gone, Keane gone A LONG TIME AGO…B~I~G gap in United’s midfield. Anyway, Fletcher>Carrick>Anderson. Does Sir Alex have something up his sleeve or did he give up on Champions League / Barcelona?

  4. @26Keano Forgetting Scholesy, are we? Anyway, Fletch is a bastion of energy. Hemay not be the hard-man that Keano was or the goal-getter that Robbo was, but he’s reliable and we’re a lot better with him than without him.

  5. his long range passing is very poor, also when he complains to the ref he looks like a clown

  6. @26Keano You’re an idiot, yeah Keane was good but Fletcher is by no means crap. He works hard, scores decent and often crucial goals as well as creates chances for his team mates. He always joins in with attacking play and always gets back to defend. He is a quality player with a good engine, who keeps the midfield running at times.

  7. He isn’t crap. He is always played out of position. He belongs in the central defensive midfield role. He tackles well, barks orders, and is an engine. Guaranteed he would slide tackle and 90% he would get it right. He is a great header of the ball. Remember vs Manchester City last season??? he won us that game.

  8. Another crap Man U midfielder. Roy Keane was the last central midfielder that club ever had.

  9. one bad season an the so called fans forget how good he was for us before…. the word fickle comes to mind.

  10. @rooneyferdinand what are u talkin bout alex would fletch over giggs in the midd;le any day

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