21 thoughts on “Darren Fletcher on Champions League semi final

  1. David Weir is unreal for Scotland. lol. I swear he will drop over dead on the football pitch before he retires. Ive got a ten pound bet that a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy will get him.

  2. I really admire this man, he knows he could start on about 9 other Premier League and all Scottish League teams but he knows his team responsibilities on Manchester and I hope he will get more recognition and appreciation

  3. Fletcher, for a now third string midfielder, doesn’t crack under pressure. I watch him play all the time and his consistency level is amazing. 2006/2007 season he was a brilliant replacement for the banned Scholes in the Champions League and 2007/2008 he, Carrick and Nani (to an extent) masterminded the $-0 victory over Arsenal. He’s an amazing player in my opinion. Very good in Scotland as well. I wouldn’t be suprised to see him benifit from Scholes exit, whenever that trophy magnet retires.

  4. Fletcher doesnt play just cuz hes scottish under a scottish manager hes a brilliant midfielder

  5. Yeah, cos Im sure Sir Alex would play a player just based on nationality and not talent. Who is this retard??!!?

  6. Darren Fletcher’s actually a really good player. I personally don’t think he’s achieved his best level at United yet, because of injuries and more players coming in, it’s becoming more difficult for him. But if you’ve seen some of the long-range goals he’s scored for Scotland, and how well he has played for Scotland in the past, you’ll know he’s definately a talented footballer. If he stays focused and confident when he plays, he’ll become a great football player.

  7. You won’t be watching next time he plays anyway, you obviously know nothing about football and I would hassard a guess you’ve never watched a match in your life as you are probably a shit stabber with a name like that. Why dont you go and comment on something you might have a clue about like dancing on ice, fuckin retard.

  8. Well whatever. Make sure you watch next time he plays because you’ll be eating your own words.

  9. totally agree paolojf … its the same with saha or carrick or brown for instance, people say they are shite coz they sum times have a bad game and they say oh they arnt manu quality… just exactly WHAT!? is man united quality, fergie wouldnt keep playing them if they were crap would he? 20 odd years experience in the game … i think he knows more than any manager in the premiership. so no… fletcher isnt shit, he is good

  10. yeah,alex ferguson is the best manager in world football so im sure he wouldnt keep a player on his books just because hes scottish,fuckin idiotic tool

  11. He’s only in the team because he’s scottish like Fergie. Everytime I see him play he cocks it up.

  12. That’s right, because if you were rubbish at football you would wind up playing for a premiership team

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