25 thoughts on “Darren Fletcher ● The red devil

  1. Fletch is a solid player. He was underrated for a while but not anymore, he gets enough credit now and even enjoys the perks of such a reputation, i.e. have shit, wasteful games and get away with it. He was very poor at the beginning of last season, picked up a bit but then had injury to deal with. Hopefully he comes back sharp this season.

    He needs to cut down on the fouling in our half and stop playing passes he’s not capable of playing. That’s why we thought he was shit in the first place.

  2. Man Utd fans with blinkers on poor fools. I guess Fletcher is the new Ronaldo Barcelona will want to sign him before the transfer window closes because he is the best midfield player of his generation. lol You arm chair fans make me laugh never played the game at any level so how would you know what is good or bad. If Fletcher was that good he would have thousands of positive comments, I rest my case. Keep dreaming fools and I support Man Utd and go to alot of the away games.

  3. @fightman121 What the fuck? Carrick has gone a bit downhill over the past couple of years but towards the end of this season he’s really picked up his form. And Fletcher is one of the most underrated players in the league. He works hard, can create and score goals. He’s a solid midfielder who joins attacks as well as defends. You need your eyes testing. Next you’ll be saying Ji Sung Park is shit too!

  4. @fightman121 haha the greatest manager of all time picks players because they come from Scotland too.

  5. @fightman121 Well seeing that Scotland are crap I can understand why Fletcher is in that team he fits in perfectly. He only plays for Utd because the manager comes from guess where. Go read a book kid you got lots to learn.

  6. @fightman121 well seeing as anderson hasn’t been on the team in 3 years but anderson clearly he won’t make Brazil team cause he is Scottish and if Fletcher is so shit why is he always on the united team ahead of anderson

  7. @OCcrazy1 8 caps for the migthy Brazil. Who does Fletcher play for…. Ah yes the amazing Scotland I wonder when they last went to a World Cup. Do you honestly believe your Fletcher could make the Brazil sub bench hahahahaha lol

  8. @OCcrazy1 I can tell you know nothing about Football as you think Anderson is shit, I wish i was shit enough to play for Brazil. Go to school kid you have a lot to learn. Do you really think Fletcher could get into the Brazil team, NOT A CHANCE.

  9. @fightman121 anderson is shit and Hargreaves hasn’t played a full game in 2 years clearly u know nothing about football all u like is fancy football

  10. @OCcrazy1 Are you nuts Fletcher is never better than Anderson. Fletcher could never get into the Brazil team. As for saying he is better than Owen Hargreaves shows you know nothing about football. I can see that you have never played the game so you have no idea what is a good or bad player hahahaha.

  11. @fightman121 funny that Chelsea laugh at him seeing that he has scored against then on more then 1 occasion as of united players he is better then anderson carrick owen hargreaves

  12. @OCcrazy1 For me Fletcher is by far the worst player I have seen in years at Utd. Chelsea fan love it when this donkey plays as he is that terrible. His nickname by the way is Donkey, he’s just awful to watch. He can’t shoot, tackle or pass. He is also known as Wicker Boy, the laughing stock of Man Utd. Barcelona, Liverpool, Juventus and even Bayern would never have this fool in their team.

  13. What a terrible players we have to be desperate to have a DONKEY like this in the team. This jerk just can’t run or even string 5 passes together. Has to be Man Utd worst ever player along with Carrick.

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