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  1. Wow, I’m a cretin. Once again, your wit and command of the English language has rendered me utterly ashamed of myself. I shall resign myself to banging rocks together while dragging my knuckles on the ground. Honestly, your nothing but a Euro snob. Are you sure your not an Arsenal fan in disguise?

    Tell your mum it was lovely having her gargle all my mayo. Regretfully, she should have swallowed you.

  2. That was actually 3 questions. The answers to which are – Yes, Yes, I travelled through Europe several times before and Yes, I’m studying for my 2nd.

    Why you’d ask any of those questions I’ve no idea.

    Fuck You and yer Maw. She told me there’s no way you could be my father since the 2 of you had been trying for years without success.

    I love speaking to cretins like you – it makes me glad to be me.

    Mwah x

  3. Don’t ask questions if you can’t handle the answers “mate”. I don’t have to prove shit to your pathetic Island dwelling self. Heres a question for you, have you ever been to the United States, have you ever traveled through Western Europe on a Eurorail pass, do you have a college degree or are you just pretending to sound intelligent? you got nothing on me. its funny you should mention your conception because I have been meaning to discover the bastard child I fathered whilst in Jolly Old

  4. WOW the sounders! Who the fuck are they lol. Can’t believe you’d admit to that. .
    It strikes me as somewhat strange that you’d come on here to lambast fletcher for no apparent reason. You could only dream of having a player of his quality at your mickey mouse team.

    I’m out of my element am I? Dream on mate I’ve been following fooball since the day I was conceived. I know far more than you ever will.

    Ps are you dyslexic or just retarded?

  5. your commenting on your own comments and calling me an ignoramus? is that supposed to hurt my feelings? actually I am a season ticket holder of the MLS Sounders FC. I got a chance to watch Manchester United play Celtic, Real Madrid play DC United, Barcelona play the Sounders this last summer. So I think your out of your element dude. Why don’t you take your nuts and shove them up your arse you stupid shovel headed cunt. big ol wankmyster general over there.

  6. Stupid yank! Bet you’ve never been to a football match in your life. You know nothing of the beautiful game which makes your comment laughable you ignoramus.

  7. the truth hurts man, your manager is completely self serving and your just an angry little boy, big ol keyboard jockey. im learning more about the game as i watch it. remember, we have many sports to choose from so my footballing education isn’t as corrupt as yours. lets say im a toddler in ho much ive watched soccer. but it doest take much to know that fletcher couldn’t carry Keeno’s jock strap. now that is a player i respect, for as much as hes done against arsenal he was a proper footballer

  8. didn’t see the goal but heard it was impressive. nice to see him do something besides commit fouls….for once.

  9. you ought to know about intimidating and conning refs, your a united fan and you’ve got the best manager in that respect. Sir Red Nosed Cunt. the master at ref bashing and intimidating officials. try to use your power for good fergie, not just furthering your cause, all the shit you talk about arsenal. how about all that henry did to end racism in the game, thats using your power for good and not evil. typical manc, no class and even less repsect for greatness. go have a wank with the rest of em

  10. you really know nothing about football. maybe shitty american football which nobody gives a fuck about but not a clue about actual football. judging by your messages you don’t have a clue how to write either so why the fuck are you even attempting to put comments on here? this is not the place for you

    also criticizing a player who your team can never handle and always makes arsenal look shite is extremely retarded and like wise your inane comments about fergie…what a sad bullshitter you are

  11. if you were really glad he was sent off against a bunch of pure cheats=arsenal then it proves you don’t like justice and how is it paranoia when he gets sent off & misses a champions league final for a good tackle, gets booked for “diving” against moscow for being BLATANTLY hacked in the box, he get’s a very controversial free-kick given against him for winning the ball against chelsea etc…KNOB. wenger is among a massive list of arsenal phoney’s who always try to intimidate and con refs etc…

  12. you know fuck all! “he is the best at fouling the opposition and that foul on cole that lead to the goal is a prime example of his clumsy ass challanges” hmmm funny that cos it wasn’t even a foul on cole you retard. no wonder you say he goes around fouling all the time if you’re counting loads of situations where he didn’t even make a foul. “i was so glad when he was sent off against arsenal” again didn’t even foul it was a great tackle. plus fletcher’s goal today against everton showed quality

  13. What foul? Fletcher clearly got the ball, it was a perfect and clean tackle just like many of his other tackles on the pitch you clueless yank!

  14. you again? i see you managed to change your background on your page, haha….jesus, what a little snatch you are. fuck off you muppet. and you never replied to my email. haha, little biotch. it doesnt take a footballing genius to see that fletcher is on the pitch to foul first and play football second, if thats what you call what he does. ill give him something, he is the best at fouling the opposition and that foul on cole that lead to the goal is a prime example of his clumsy ass challanges

  15. Hey glory hunter coward…dont comment on my profile when you have your shitty cowardly comment pending approval…flechter is the new djemba djemba, complete rubbish

  16. “I fucking this this cunt is the worst excuse for a footballer since bellion or some other cunt. all he does is run around kicking people and waving his arms about like a muppet”…………?

    Fletcher is the most honest, hard-working player, and a true role model, so know your football before you pathetic retarded, pathetic comments and try and learn to spell before you do, you fucking twat!

  17. I fucking this this cunt is the worst excuse for a footballer since bellion or some other cunt. all he does is run around kicking people and waving his arms about like a muppet. i was so glad when he was sent off against arsenal and i can only hope that what Mr. Wenger said about him only being on the pitch to foul has influenced the refs. serves him right the shovel headed cunt. he is paranoid however if he thinks the refs are influenced by Mr. Wenger as much as they are by Sir Red Nosed Cunt

  18. well he is not in nor ever will be in the same class as the likes of lampard, gerrard, scholes, fabregas, essian, ballack and arshavin. fletcher spends most of his time during games running around fouling players and complaining to the ref. he is a decent player and seems to know his limitations but he as being a truly top class midfielder, he will never be that.
    he will never even be half the player roy keane was.

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