Darren Fletcher wants to see SaidoBerahino back in shape

The 31 year old Scottish captain of West Bromwich Albion wants to his teammate SaidoBerahino get back in the main team of the Premier League and not give up his career in the English club which has seen the younger player struggle as he has had to spend the majority of the season in the sidelines but Fletcher believes that Berahino has what it takes to get in the first team of Tony Pullis.

Fletcher has urged Berahino to follow the footsteps of StephaneSessegnon. Sessegnon is a 31 year old forward who was on the verge of leaving West Bromwich Albion after having some problems with the head manager Tony Pullis and he Sessegnon was dropped to the sidelines of the team for a significantly long period of time but the Beninese has managed to work his way up and has now become a regular starter for the Premier League club which is a huge change for a player who was on the brink of leaving and not getting any playing time.

“The manager has proved that if you’re not featuring but you do get a chance and play well, you will stay in the team. That is evident with Sess. Players who are not in the team should look to that and realize if you perform when you’re given your chance the manager will stick with you. Sess is an example to everyone. Saido is a great kid who is not in the team right now but he’s got to keep his head down because he’s a great talent and he’s got a number of years to play.” West Bromwich Albion’s Darren Fletcher said as he told SaidoBerahino to use StephaneSessegnon as an example.

After having spent around 12 years in Old Trafford performing for Manchester United, Darren Fletcher made a move to West Bromwich Albion and even at his fairly elevated age he has managed to become the captain and a regular starter and Fletcher is hoping that Berahino can turn into a constant starter as well as the Scottish midfielder knows that Berahino is talented enough to help push West Bromwich Albion into the higher section of the Premier League.