17 thoughts on “Fifa 10- Spontanious Darren Fletcher Goal

  1. @Ginger33333
    yes i know it is very annoying in my opinion.i wish they would just tell us what is really going on in both camps and who is actually going to play and who isn’t.
    yes i agree with you there mate. but i’m abit worried about the chelsea game becase they are hammering goals in now. 12 goals in 2 games :S
    haha i wish it was that simple too 🙂

  2. If you add together all the pre-match reports that are flying about atm then they only have about 3 players fit to play. I just hope half the rumours are true!

    And I agree, any scoreline will do as long as it puts us ahead on aggregate – then we can focus on demolishing Chelsea before finishing Munich off at home. (if only real football was as easy as fifa lol)

  3. @Ginger33333
    yes hopefully he will, i heard that arjen robben isn’t playing today so that’s one goal threat gone. 🙂
    haha yes hopefully it is an omen. i don’t mind the score as long as united win. 🙂

  4. haha keep trying though, he certainly has the stamina for it!

    I’d like to see him do that against Munich tonight mind, hopefully me seeing this video is an omen… 😉

  5. @Ginger33333
    thanks mate
    haha i don’t think i’ll ever score a goal like this again with fletcher. 🙂

  6. wow this is excetional we play it all the time at the weekends with my dad he is really good at it. I actually got it totally free for my sony ps3 from – 115 games. com there are hundreds and the best thing is they are all free I must say 1:01 2 2:51 was superb

  7. That is pure shite. Cant believe you wasted your time putting that on youtube. And Fifa is for kids aged 1-3 by the way. Why don’t you play a real football game like pro evo instead of this pass and shoot shit that Fifa has to offer. Seriously, grow up.

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