Throughout his entire playing career Darren Fletcher has never went through a season out of Old Trafford with Manchester United but even though the Scottish midfielder does not have experience being transferred from club to club on loan spells, Fletcher still acknowledges the importance of the loan system.

“You see some of the lads go out and come back while others go and thrive. It sets you up for playing against men. All due respect to the Under-21s but it’s just a step up from the youth team really. It’s not like back in the day when you played against men and older players. It’s about going out to compete against men in matches that means something, whether that’s staying in the league, chasing play-off places or even the other players have got contracts to fight for by staying in the league.”

“That side of things is important. They will see a lot of things in the dressing room, like arguments, which will make them into men. They need that so, when they come back, they walk differently, and are more comfortable around the first-team players. Hence, they’re more comfortable when they train with the first team.”

With all of the recent changes that Manchester United is going through Fletcher also voiced his opinion about Ryan Giggs making his way into the managerial staff of United and the Scottish backed him up.

After David Moyes was sacked from his position in the Premier League club, Giggs was appointed as the interim manager of United which he did reasonably well and even with the arrival of Louis van Gaal to Old Trafford, Giggs will still maintain an influential spot in the club as he is going to be the assistant manager of the club.

“Ryan has done a fantastic job. He is made for management; you’ve seen that in these last few weeks. He’s a winner, a leader and an inspiration. And tactically he’s very astute and he has everything’’. Fletcher said.