25 thoughts on “Gareth Bale Pays Tribute To Sir Alex Ferguson Manchester United

  1. Man Utd haters must be totally inbred to believe the shit they say, such as
    “Man Utd are over/on a decline/finished, etc”. If Man Utd are on a decline,
    the same can be said for EVERY team in the world, including Chelsea & Man
    City. The only teams that have been consistent along with Man Utd are:
    Dortmund, B Munich, RM & Barca. That being said, I just hope Moyes &
    Woodward know what they’re doing. Man Utd are doing very poorly in the
    transfer market & the Rooney situation must be resolved

  2. did he say its going to be strange playing at old trafford…. i should
    hope so if your playing for real madrid

  3. Haha, he does:) But I promise any person does that, it’s a word that’s
    kinda fits everywhere:)

  4. Yeah, It says he wants to move to United but not sure if Tottenham will let
    him leave:/

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