ManUtd.com correspondent Adam Marshall has heaped praises on former Manchester United stalwart Darren Fletcher who has been on an incredible run since switching sides in 2015.

Since Fletcher’s move to West Brom, the former Manchester United midfielder has impressed on many fronts and Adam marshal believes the midfielder is once Again set to impress when West Brom play Manchester United on Saturday.

When his former employers Manchester United announced the former Scot international was battling with ulcerative in 2011, many feared that his career was at stake considering the rigors and demands of being a midfielder in the premier league.

Nonetheless, hope seems to return once again to the midfielder as he successfully had an operation in 2013 that made it possible for the Scot to salvage his career. In a show of support, former Manchester United Boss, decided to reference the midfielder who had played an integral part in his success at old Trafford in his farewell speech having called pulled the curtain to his stellar career as a manager.

Darren Fletcher Surgery for Bowel Condition

Darren Fletcher had to undergo a surgery in order to resolve his bowel condition problem which has affected him on a number of occasions in his career. The surgery was completed on January of 2013 and after Louis van Gaal appointed Darren Fletcher as the vice-captain of Manchester United, the Scottish midfielder was expected to make a return to Old Trafford and turn into a regular player but it never happened as Fletcher is mostly sitting on the sidelines of Manchester United as a substitute player.

The Scottish midfielder is fully recovered from his past injuries but still remains playing a substitute role for Manchester United but his lack of club appearances have affected him for Scotland as he is not being called up to represent his country after falling behind in the pecking order.

The contract of Fletcher expires at the end of the current season and his future is starting to look uncertain.

There was a possibility of Fletcher being featured in the starting XI lineup of Louis van Gaal during Manchester United’s Premier League match against Arsenal as Daley Blind and Michael Carrick both had sustained injuries and this gave Darren Fletcher a chance to step it up and play an entire match for Manchester United but it did occur as the Scottish midfielder entered the pitch at the 89th minute as he replaced Ashley Young.

It does not look like Fletcher will be playing any important role for Manchester United and Louis van Gaal anytime soon due to his lack of matches and already there have been a number of clubs that have popped up as they are interested in signing the experienced Scottish midfielder if he indeed decides to leave Manchester United when his contract expires at the end of the season or even sooner during the January transfer window.

Aston Villa, Hull City and Stoke City are all of the clubs that are believed to be interested in signing Darren Fletcher on a loan deal but this will only occur if Fletcher does decide to take a step away from Manchester United.