25 thoughts on “PES 2013 – MLO #42 – The Return Of Fletcher

  1. the Adriano who used to play for Inter Milan and was an absolute beast on PES5/ PES6? He is really slow now, because he is quite old, but his shot is still very powerful and would be a pretty good backup player. I’ll think about it 😀

  2. Play out there contracts, and whichever one played better for you, get rid of the other one

  3. I’ve got rvp and di natale for my team but now i’ve only got like 400k so do u think i should sell rvp and get a half decent team or keep him try to get money

  4. Alright then, i recommend you sign Defoe, he’s a very good striker and is very cheap, and also try out André Schürrle, he is class, can play CM and on both wings, very good dribbler

  5. on the PS3, Perea is more expensive than the centre back I bought in this episode, Perquis, but IMO Perquis is better than him even though they are rated the same. Since cheaters started getting banned, I hardly face as much pace as I used to, and I would also rather improve my midfield and attacking options before improving my backline again.

  6. Why dont you sign Perea! 95 pace so when you come against pace abusers, you can simply have him at CB to stop them getting through

  7. Taarabt and Kagawa would improve my first team, while the likes of Defoe and Muriel would only improve my squad with pace and very little else. I might buy Taarabt, as he can play SS and AMF, with an alright overall

  8. Jovetic is on my list to next buy, not really sure about chivu, might buy inler or miguel veloso

  9. U have played against rubio1111 in the last episode 😀
    U really need Chivu( CB,DMF and CMF) and Jovetic

  10. Remy, Luis Muriel, Adel Taarabt, Kagawa, Defoe, and Mirallas, are all useful players to your team; I think you need to improve your team attacking-wise.

  11. Thanks man 😀 I’m really enjoying PES this year even with its flaws, the game just plays better. FIFA is still the best football game out there, but PES is an awesome substitute, but I don’t play FIFA at all anymore because its too reliant on pace and ridiculous refereeing decisions. Really hope PES 2014 can be announced and when it does, everyone will be impressed with it 😀

  12. Cheers man, its still a bit through ball spamming, but with no disconnections, the mode is slightly better which makes the videos more awesome

  13. at the moment, its one DMF, a CMF next to him, then two CMF, but I may switch it up a bit, and play two DMF’s and two CMF’s

  14. Depending on how many times a disconnection has occurred with you playing, your rating may go down, but after a while it will go back to A. Earlier on in MLO, my rating was a C because people kept disconnecting on me, but eventually it went back to an A

  15. He is soooooooooo good 😀 on the same level as xavi and iniesta in the game, no need to really improve my midfield that much anymore

  16. Watching your PES series is making me strongly consider getting PES instead of FIFA this year, another top notch vid mate

  17. Anyone know why my rating has gone down to a B rating even tho I don’t ever disconnect? Great vid again mate

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