Darren Fletcher In Better Form This Year

If you look back at the month of March you will find news about Darren Fletcher.

At that time West Brom was welcoming Manchester United and Darren Fletcher had stated that he had no qualms about having left the club. He is the skipper of West Brom; many people were wondering what kind of reaction the skipper would have about his present club welcoming the skipper’s previous club. The Scot had left Manchester United in 2015 in the month of February. He had joined West Brom since then.

Darren Fletcher had got back to form this year. By March he was about to make his 35th appearance in the current season. That was much more than the number of matches he had played when he had been with Manchester United. The last two years he had been with Manchester United saw him battling a bowel disease that left him out of many matches. Indeed, many had wondered whether Darren would get back to form again.