Darren Fletcher’s career with Manchester United progressed

As Darren Fletcher’s career with Manchester United progressed, the Scottish midfielder was getting fewer and fewer playing time in Old Trafford. In the previous 3 seasons of Darren Fletcher, he was able to get less than 30 appearances and the player eventually decided to continue his career by making a move to another club where his chances on getting into the main team are higher.

On February of 2015, Fletcher signed for West Bromwich Albion on a free transfer and has even turned into the captain of the Premier League club.

Fletcher has so far made 7 appearances in his new club, West Bromwich Albion and the veteran midfielder stated that he feels better than ever now that he is able to make consistent appearances for his team after having left Manchester United and recovered from the ulcerative colitis which he suffered from some time ago.

“Since I’ve been back I’ve felt great, the first few matches you’re looking to get your match rhythm back but I really feel it’s there now.With every game I feel stronger and I’m loving every minute.Even after playing 90 minutes last weekend I felt I could go straight out and play again.” The Scottish player Darren Fletcher said as he revealed his satisfaction in performing regularly for a club.

One of the objectives of Darren Fletcher in this season is to help West Bromwich Albion in the Premier League as they are positioned in the bottom spots and after having lost 3-0 against Manchester City, the team of Tony Pulis is hoping that they can claim a positive result in their upcoming Premier League match when facing off with Queens Park Rangers which is going to be the next league match of West Bromwich Albion.

Securing a spot in the next rounds of the 2016 Euro’s is the other target that Fletcher wants to achieve as the last time that the national Scotland team managed to make it past the group stages of this tournament was back in 1996.