Darren Fletcher Is An Inspiration For Gilks

Darren Fletcher is being talked about highly by his contemporaries.

The latest to sing his praises has been Matt Gilks, the Rangers goalkeeper. Matt Gilks is the goalkeeper of Glasgow Rangers who has played with Darren Fletcher as a midfielder when they played for Scotland. He has revealed that the way Darren and others like a Kenny Miller train on the field has definitely been an inspiration for him. Matt Gilks is 34 years of age who have joined the Rangers recently in a free transfer mode. He was part of a Burnley team that is on the way of joining the Premier League clubs.

For Gilks it has been inspiring watching Darren and others train when they played for Scotland. Darren is known for the midfield position he has played for Manchester United. He has also played for the national team. For Gilks it was a way of changing his outlook towards his game when he watched Darren and others train on the field.

When he saw Darren and Kenny Miller training, it inspired him to stretch himself even more as he realized that they were at a higher level than him. Gilks has definitely become an asset to his team and he brings in a lot of experience to the game. He was part of Norwich City previously. The last two seasons had not given him much opportunity to play football at a competitive level. He looks forward to doing so in the new season. Inspiration from players like Darren Fletcher and others has definitely helped him to hone his skills to the next level. Darren on the other hand, being captain of the Scotland’s team, has been finding alternative sports like tennis to keep himself in shape and that should reflect the upcoming season’s matches as well.