21 thoughts on “Darren Fletcher

  1. One of the safest player with the ball. i feel so safe whenever he has the ball

  2. amnenar you are clearly a cunt and know absolutely nothing about football and are scottish

  3. Being 100% honest, going 4-4-2 the best team in the premiership at this moment in time has got 5 United players…Fletcher is right in there.

  4. Fletcher is, hands down, the BEST defensive midfield player in Europe at the moment! Took him a long time to get consistent, but now…Heads and shoulders above the competition. Also, do not mention Mascherano in the same breath as him..Mascherano is a quality player BUT Fletch is defo above him!

  5. You thought Fletcher had a poor game against AC milan?

    Where you even watching the game? Set up two goals, the guy is class.

  6. I thought that Fletcher had a poor game as did much of the United team. Pirlo has proven that he is a world class player in his 15 years of playing.

  7. fletcher is good midfielder but recently what he said surprise me..he said he never come up against anyone who has torn him to shreds. and he said that only time that has happened has been in training against Roy Keane and Paul Scholes…what a joke..if this true..
    maybe he didnt play against Xavi,Gattuso,Iniesta,Pirlo,Kaka,Mashcerano, when man utd played against them..

  8. my fav fletcher goals arethe one he scored with scotland and the one he scored against everton on the weekend

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