25 thoughts on “Alan Smith Punching Darren Fletcher

  1. Alan Smith accidently grazes darren fletchers face


  2. @bskilla101 Typical bullshit from a plod. Policeman isn’t a good job, it shows that you haven’t done a great deal of work either. It’s really reassuring to know that your own country’s security is run by people that make fucking ‘your mum’ jokes. Absolute liability, grow up and stop power-abusing you silly cunt.

  3. @mikeantfahey im pretty sure this is when carrick scored his first goal against roma in that 7-1 game

  4. @mikeantfahey lol score a goal then get punched in the face x) i might expect it from the other team but not your own

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  12. @colsh1690 ha ha quite right colsh how can he call you an idoit when he more or less calls himself a cock lol, btw i love your channel well worth a visit!

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