Manchester United and Scotland midfielder Darren Fletcher has said that he is looking to come back into playing football in the summer. Darren Fletcher has said that one of its main aims this season is to return playing football for Scotland in the World Cup qualifiers. This has come as a major boost for Scotland, who have once again failed to qualify for the Euro 2012. The Republic of Ireland have qualified for the Euro 2012, which has put serious pressure on Scotland to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It will be held in Brazil and the qualifiers for this tournament will be beginning soon.

Darren Fletcher’s career in football was under serious threat after suffering a chronic bowel condition. Manchester United gave him an extended leave until his recovery, which have sparked rumours that Darren Fletcher could be finished as a player. However, the Scotland international has been showing immense signs of recovery in recent months. As a result, he has now expressed confidence that being able to take part in the World Cup qualifiers for Scotland, although they failed to mention the possible time of return with accuracy. It is expected that he would not be returning to playing football this season.

“I’m still on medication, I’m still not training, but slowly but surely I’m getting better. I’m not putting a timescale on a comeback, I think that’s the best thing. With the condition it’s hard to tell. I want to be 100 per cent when I come back. I think I’ve tried before when that’s not been the case and it’s proven very difficult, so this time I want to make sure I’m 100 per cent, which is going to benefit Scotland and Manchester United,” Darren Fletcher said in a recent interview about his possible comeback date.