Fletcher wants to see more from Pogba

Former Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher wants to see more from Paul Pogba. He said that the French midfielder has the potential to be a world class player but unfortunately he is not showing any of it at Manchester United.

Fletcher said that Pogba was much better during the World Cup where he was playing for France and he has failed to replicate the same sort of form in the Premier League. He said that the player does not seem motivated playing for the Red Devils and seems to be underperforming all the time.

The Stoke City midfielder said that there have been lots of talks that Jose Mourinho is not the right manager for the club but he said that you cannot neglect the fact that there are some players that are underperforming.

He said that Pogba came to Manchester United with the reputation of a quality player after his good performance with Juventus but he has since then failed to replicate his form. He said that players such as Alexis Sanchez have also failed to replicate the form that makes him one of the best players in the Premier League.

Fletcher said that there were talks at some time that Sanchez might be a candidate to the Ballon d’Or and unfortunately for him, he has not replicated the same sort of form with the Red Devils.

Fletcher said that if Manchester United is going to compete for a place in the top four they will need more input from players such as Pogba and Sanchez. He believes that Paul Pogba can be an important player for Manchester United and it is up to Jose Mourinho to find ways to motivate the player and make sure that he gives 100% for the team.