Top league teams missing huge names, get attention – like Manchester City is missing Carlos Tevez.  But while Manchester City are now able to get Tevez back in this very important of the season, Alex Ferguson of Manchester United has been missing one of his very reliable footballer since December, even though very little have been created out of it.

When United player Darren Fletcher declared that he is intended to take a long break from the game in order to deal with the ulcerative colitis which has dogged him throughout the season, the Manchester Premier League side lost one of their most important footballer in the Scot captain.

Few people may say that this has not affected the defending champions as they now sitting at the top spot and very close to get their 20th league title. It may be true but several Manchester United fans will say that this team is far from the very strongest which Old Trafford has seen before Scholes came out of retirement which was a huge concern regarding the United midfield.

The question is would Sir Alex have turned to Paul Scholes had Darren Fletcher been fit? A fully fit Darren would not have let James McArthur or James McCarthy to control the match for Wigan earlier this week.

Fletcher, of course, is not a flair footballer like Carols Tevez who can with the match with his brilliant skills or a hat-trick, but he is not the kind of footballer Manchester United has been missing. They have good players like Nani, Chicharito, Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs or Ashley Young are just a few names to their disposal.