36 thoughts on “Manchester United – Team mates

  1. Jonny evans voice was priceless when fletcher and o’shea looked at him when asking about the worst dancer 😛

  2. @andyboreland wtf are you talking about!!! Religion is bullshit!! Go away and bash to your bible.

  3. who did fletcher say at the end leaves his clothes out? was it Corey? as in Corey Evans (Jonny’s little brother?

  4. “Who is the biggest poser?”
    “hmm … that’s tough now that Cristiano is gone….”
    Oh Ranoldo(:
    Very funny.

  5. @andyboreland the annoying thing about fundamentalist christians is that they think other people give a fuck about the shit they’re talking. keep it to yourself you gimp!

  6. LOL “whos the biggest poser?”
    O’ Shea: “Wazza tries hard but… *shakes head*”

    imagine rooney being a poser!

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