25 thoughts on “Darren Fletcher Interview

  1. STFU. Sir Alex is too good a manager to keep a player at his club simply “because he is scottish”

    Dont be so silly.

  2. thats true but im just finding to hard to believe when people just say it i need to see it

  3. You’re right, but one doesn’t claim to be someone’s cousin in most youtube videos of a footballer. What would he have to gain on youtube from being Fletcher’s second cousin anyway?

  4. because dont u think its a bit hard to believe i mean anyone could say it and they might not be im just saying that jemxell might not be and i dont believe it

  5. How do you know jemxell isn’t Fletch’s second cousin, is your father the constuctor is Darren Fletcher’s family tree ?

  6. im not immature enough 2 lie about shit like that, if he wasnt my cousin then i wouldnt say he was :S

  7. well i think fletcher is fit cute and sexy and no one can beat that you can disagree and hi nina

  8. well he knows im his biggest fan i told him because when i went to old trafford i met him so ha

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