Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he will be distributing Premier league medals to Alexander Buttner and Darren Fletcher. In previous years, the Premier league medals were available only to players who have made a certain number of appearances over the course of the season. It was previously 10 appearances, which was reduced to 5 in the previous season. Now, though, Ferguson has confirmed that it is up to the clubs to distribute the medals to whoever they wish. Fletcher has made only three Premier league appearances this season.

His presence in the Manchester United first team has been limited by the chronic bowel irritation, which is likely to make him retire from football at the end of the season. It has been two years since the onset of the problem and Fletcher has been unable to find recovery up until now. Ferguson has revealed that Manchester United will be receiving 40 medals from the Premier league after having won the 20th league title in their history. This will be handed out to the players chosen by Ferguson, and he has confirmed that Fletcher will be one of them.

The defender, Alexander Buttner, who was also signed in the summer will be the second recipient of the medal.

“I think that’s fair because, in Darren Fletcher’s case for instance, it’s only illness which has prohibited him from getting a medal. I’m sure if he’d been available he would have been sitting here with one. Buttner’s been great because he’s travelled to every away game with us, he’s been involved in every single training session, he’s played three times and been a substitute another 10 times, something like that. They will get medals. They give you an allocated number of medals and it’s up to you to distribute them how you want,” said Ferguson.