25 thoughts on “OFFICIAL VIDEO Crossbar Challenge: Rooney, Fletcher, Giggs & Neville

  1. @paulisftw Which woman wouldn’t want the world to think they had slept with Ryan Giggs, one of the most epic legends in football history? Women make these things up all the time, so believeing them without having any proof is just shere naivity. That’s exactly what they would lie about, recieving attention as a reward. So keep going making a fool out of yourself. Embarassment to the max. The fact that Ryan had the gagging order proves he just doesn’t tolerate liars and crap like that.

  2. @Pagnah Innocent? He had a gagging order of Imogen Thomas and his brothers wife and Imogen have even admitted to sleeping with Ryan. They wouldn’t lie about a thing like that just for attention. The fact Ryan had the gagging order proves he had something to hide. Besides, this comment was a joke, so why don’t you tell the guy above who said “tearing Imogen Thomas apart since 8 months ago” the same thing, idiot. Go get a sense of humour you depressing wanker.

  3. @paulisftw So how am I defending his affairs, if there’s no affair to take ground arguement from? I’m defending an (so far) innocent guy, until proven otherwise. Dipshit.

  4. @paulisftw My god you really are dumb. Again, you’re still accusing Giggs of having an affair, when, in fact, NO ONE can prove it. He’s been alleged, he hasn’t be sentenced. No one knows the facts, and therefore it is premature to draw a conclusion. You shouldn’t even be allowed to live. You’re scum. God knows what would happen to the court system if you were the judge. “I think you’re guilty! 20 years on your ass, bb”. Where the fuck did all of your braincells go? you underdeveloped fag.

  5. @Pagnah It was a joke, so why don’t you go get a sense of humour instead of being such a lame spoil sport? Also, the fact you’re defending Ryan Giggs about his affairs just shows how much of a scumbag you are. You are not worthy of breathing the same oxygen as me. You should dig yourself a hole, go into it and just die there. Nobody will notice, nor will they care.

  6. @paulisftw That’s just a lame excuse. Typical for someone who just realised how idiotic it was to draw that premature conclusion. Keep sailing in your no-brain sea. There’s no way a kid like you can serve me any proper insult seeing as my intelligent level way superceeds yours. Just lock yourself away and vanish.

  7. @paulisftw Except that’s an accusation, and nothing more. Alleged, if you know the meaning of that ­čÖé
    No official or court rule has proven him guilty, nor has he, himself, stated he’s done anything. So good luck trying to convince people with an actual brain, dumbass.

  8. @vmistry6…clearly you know nothing about football or players…you talk pathetic crap about getting rid of our future just goes to show you havent watched them, you just make your judgement based on media hype; well thankfully i can break it to you Sir Alex aint an idiot like you! (what pains me is i think your a fellow united fan)

    De gea
    rafael smalling jones(c) fabio
    valencia/nani fletcher (new player{tom cleverly}) young/nani
    Hernandez rooney

    Alex has already begun planning lo!

  9. Look´╗┐ at´╗┐ your comment. Back to´╗┐´╗┐ mine. Back´╗┐ to yours NOW BACK TO MINE.´╗┐ Sadly, it isn’t mine. But if you stopped trolling and´╗┐ started posting legitimate crap it could LOOK´╗┐ like mine. Look down, back up,´╗┐´╗┐ where are you? You’re scrolling through comments, finding´╗┐´╗┐ the ones that your comment could look like.´╗┐ Back´╗┐ at mine, what is´╗┐ it?´╗┐ It’s a´╗┐ highly´╗┐ effective counter-troll. Look again, MY COMMENT´╗┐ NOW HAS MANY THUMBS UP.

    Anything´╗┐´╗┐ is possible´╗┐ when you´╗┐ copy and paste.

    I’m on a Laptop

  10. this united squad is the easly the worst ever squad u retarded monghole. There only one left of the golden generation. I am seriously worrried about the future of this squad. Think it’s time fergie retired. We need Dr Morinho to conduct some mayjor surgery with this team….. out with the duds…Flether, carrick, mickey mouse twins, rafeal and fabio, berba, nani (he think he better than he is)

  11. Hi to all football fans, could u please comment on this this video if u havent yet. Could u also spread it to other football fans on youtube to see who is the most supported team


  12. @MrTROLL990 Last time I checked, maps don’t have clubs on them… Go back to your cave troll.

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