19 thoughts on “Darren Fletcher,

  1. Absolutely brilliant, one helluva player and one helluva singer, keep up the good work Emily!

  2. most of the people on here must be on RoM…
    Including me!!
    I just have to say Emily really is the smallest biggest United fan I have ever seen…

  3. heyyo thank you to everyone who signed

    and also to anyone who subscribed to the world smallest biggest united fan

  4. lol fletcher is just an ordinary unbasic team player (for man u)
    who got judged wrong.

  5. *Signed*

    I was close to tears come the end of the match, I’m still in bits.

    Darren Fletcher is the most honest, respectful and decent player that I’ve seen in a Manchester United (and Scotland) shirt, he would run through brick walls for the red of Manchester and the blue of Scotland.

    Surely to god UEFA must see sense and let the boy play in one of the biggest games of his career.

    PS. That wee girl is so adorable. 🙂

  6. darren was robbed! any1 on facebook join the group ‘Get Darren Fletcher to Rome!!!’ the boy deserves to play

  7. also considering that he didn’t send off Adebayor for that murderous tackle on Michael Carrick…

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